Terms Of Service
1 - Child Pornorgraphy is strictly prohibited and will be deleted.
2 - Homosexual Pornorgraphy is not allowed and will be deleted, unless related to humor.

Privacy Policy
1 - All logging is disabled on the server and the software used for file hosting.

2 - We do not store IP addresses, user agents, fingerprints, or any information related to the identity of an uploader.
3 - If you would like your file deleted please email ritalin@deadnet.ru with the link and reason why, otherwise we are a permanent file host.
4 - We ignore all DMCA requests!
5 - We are on the list of prohibited websites in Russia, please use a VPN or Tor if you connect from homeland.

Upload API
curl -i -F name=test.jpg -F file=@localfile.jpg http://ritalin.fun/api.php?d=upload-tool

Sharex Config